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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept p-plate hirers?

Yes we do. However there is a charge of $10 daily.

2. What is the operating hours of your office?

We operate from 10am-6pm on weekdays and 10am-12pm on Saturday. We're closed on Sunday.

3. What are the locations for collection of vehicles?

You can pick up your vehicles at Ang Mo Kio or Bedok.

4. How much is the deposit for booking or reservation of vehicle?

The minimum deposit for each vehicle is $50. Please approach me for more details.

5. How much fuel should the vehicle be returned with?

It should be returned with the exact amount that is first rented to you in the first place.
Please take note that only 95 and above fuels are allowed.

6. Where is the Price List?

You can click below to see the price list at the bottom of the page 

 Singapore Car Rental

7. The price is for per day?
Weekday Yes. Weekend (Fri-mon)

8. Is there GST and other extra charges?
No. It'll be Nett

9. Is there a minimum period for the rental?
No Minimum for weekday. Weekend Yes.

10. Will you delivery the car to the specific location requested by me?
Yes. There is an extra charge of $20/$30 per trip, either delivery or collection.

11. How is the payment like?
You need to make a $50 deposit to posb acct via ibanking or atm transfer (please keep the receipt)

12. Do i pay full upfront?

Yes you need to pay in full to collect the car on the spot.

14. Is there any package price if I am interested to take up 1 month rent?  

If you are interested in knowing more packages, please feel free to contact us.

15. Do you open on Public Holidays? 

 No. We are closed on Public Holidays. 

16. What does the malaysia insurance covers us when we paid extra for the malaysia insurance? 

It covers only 3rd Party claims.

17. What if the car breakdowns half-way? Is there a replacement car in any case of breakdown?

There shall be no replacement of vehicle in the event of a breakdown, as stated in our rental agreement letter.


When do you need to rent a car?

Please approach me if you have any further enquires.

Contact me via Phone call, SMS, Email or even MSN messenger
My Name is Daegan Tan.
Hp no : 98774437

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You name your price.
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