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Mazda 2 Review

The Mazda2 was introduced late in 2002, and was the first of a number of new models Mazda launched that revitalised the brand. Three models in the Mazda2 range are available, the Mazda2 Neo, Mazda2 Maxx and Mazda2 Genki. The new upgrades are across all three models and although some changes are minor they all combine to freshen the model line-up and improve the on-road dynamics.

For buyers the good news is the price for the entry level Neo remains the same as before - $15,990. The Maxx and Genki have only increased $100 respectively. The Maxx is priced at $19,025 and Genki is priced at $20,985. The new Activematic transmission is $1850.

The Mazda2 was one of the first small cars to offer a Safety Pack ($1150), that provides four additional airbags, front side and side curtain, and ABS brakes as an option on its Neo and Maxx models. (The package is standard on the top specked Genki).

Mazda Executives' believe the changes made to the Mazda2 will also increase the take-up rate of this option. It's lowest on the Neo model and around 30 per cent of buyers choose the Safety Pack on the Maxx.

Externally the Mazda2 has new front guards; the bonnet, front bumper grille and headlamps have been redesigned. The rear has changed - a redesigned light cluster and new rear bumper has been fitted.

The top specked Genki model has new look side skirts, grille and driving lights in the front bumper. Four new colours are available Carbon Grey, Mocha, Iris Blue, and Blazing Yellow - bringing the choices up to eleven. Restyled wheel trims are new to the Neo, and the Maxx gets new 15 inch multi spoke wheels. Inside the cabin changes have been made to the trim material and new colour options are available.

Mechanically, one of the biggest changes is to the automatic transmission or as Mazda calls it, the Activematic transmission. A manual gear selection mode is available across the range, and ratio changes have been made to second and fourth gears to improve driveability and reduce fuel consumption.

Engine wise changes have been made which now allows the 1.5 litre engine to conform to the Euro3 emission standard. The power output remains unchanged at 82kw@6,000 rpm; however torque delivery has been improved between 1,500 and 3,000 rpm, where you need it the most, to improve driveability.

Electric power steering has been adopted for the first time across the range; assistance is still light at low speeds whilst at higher speeds assistance is reduced giving a heavier, more controlled feel.

Under the skin all models benefit from improvements to the rigidity of the body, improving NVH levels and dynamics.

Standard equipment

Airconditioning, AM/FM radio with CD player for NEO


Neo:  Power pack - $740. (Power windows and external mirrors)
Neo & Maxx: Safety pack - $1150
Neo, Maxx & Genki: Activematic Transmission - $1850

Drive Impression

Minor changes by themselves often don't add much to a vehicle. However with the Mazda2 - taking account of all of the upgraded changes it has certainly introduced worthwhile improvements.

When last tested the Mazda2 impressed with its class leading interior space, its excellent ride comfort and handling and its good level of performance. It has always been a pretty complete package.

Size wise the Mazda2 remains unchanged. The external changes to the '2' haven´t altered the internal cabin dimensions. Importantly, the body shell has been reinforced in critical areas to improve stiffness.

The improved body shell doesn't hurt the Mazda2's already good on-road manners and on the short drive program the revised '2' gave a confident, poised account of itself. Electric power steering replaces the previous hydraulic setup and whilst light at low speeds, assistance is reduced greatly at mid to higher speeds giving a lot more feel back to the driver especially during cornering.

The engine size remains unchanged at 1.5 litres, as do the output figures, 82kW @ 6,000 rpm and 141Nm @ 4,000 rpm. On the road the improved torque delivery meant that you didn't have to explore the upper reaches of the rev limit every time on take off.

Combined with a fly by wire (electronic) throttle and an improved torque converter in the automatic version, and a slight reduction in engine weight, the improvements freshen the dynamics and improve an earlier criticism that the engine felt a little ?flat? at low revs.

Inside, cabin design is still fresh and contemporary, benefitting from the new trim colours and materials.

The Mazda2 has been a solid performer since its launch. The facelift on the surface appears to be slight, (don't forget the retractable key), but the improvements have kept the Mazda2 competitive and for buyers looking for high levels of safety from a small car the Mazda2 needs to be considered.




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