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Highlights / Toyota Sienta Reviews

 Source : - sgnick

Have been driving it for a month now, and it is great, no complains and I love it. I guess what impressed me most is the 3rd row seats of Sienta, high and comfy. Also, I prefer to own a less common car.

My previous car was a Civic ESI. Sienta acceleration obviously cannot compare to ESI, but surprisingly I don't find it underpowered, even with full load 7 adults. But Sienta is definitely not a performance car. The engine is responsive enough, but the height and shape of the car results in body roll when cornering. Sienta is best driven in a leisurely manner and I have to constantly remember that i am not driving a low profile sedan anymore.

Engine is so quite that many times when car is idling I though engine has died. Sound insulation is quite ok for me but not the best at high speed. Can hear wind noise when driving on expressway because of the shape of the car.

So far my mileage is only 1K and have yet to go for first servicing, so have not fully run in yet, but FC is 70%city/30%hway=12.4km/L. 80%hway/20%city=15.5KM/L. I expect after run in and 1K and 5K servicing FC can improve further. It also helps because I am using the stock 14" wheels.

I got the higher end G model for about $62.5K, and I love the auto sliding door and other cool features.

Here's a feature list of the G model. It cost only $2K+ more than the basic X model and I will definitely recommend this over the basic X if you can afford it.

G model comes with:

Auto sliding door (left side), just pull handle, or press a button on your remote, or driver press button at dash board, and the sliding door will auto open/close. Makes the driver feel like a cab driver, haha.

Suction sliding door (right side): No need use strength to slam the door shut liao, just slide the door slowly to the end, and the car will auto "suck" the door shut, very cool. Sliding doors are so much convinient to use in tight parking spaces and so much more friendly for 3rd row people to get on/off. After trying our difference between sliding doors on Sienta and swing out doors of other MPVs, I am certain I will not want to go back to swing out doors for 7seaters again, the benefits of sliding doors is just too much to ignore.

Auto side window folding: after park car, driver press button and the side mirrors fold in.

Auto climatic control a/c: Just set what temperature u want on the knob, and the aircon auto adjust coldness/fan speed to maintain that temperature in the car.

Built in Plasmacluster ionizer (i think technology is from Sharp) in the a/c, that u can switch on with a switch, suppose to make air smells "better" 

Auto keyless entry: no need to press the unlock button on your remote, just walk up to the car (with the remote in your pocket) and touch the door handle, car will autosense your remote in your pocket, and unlock the door. To lock the car, there is a small button on the driver door handle, just press that button and the car will lock, again, no need to press lock button on your remote.

Optitron meters: the better type of meter display, easier to see day or night.

Fuel/trip meter that also shows your average fuel consumption (km/L), very accurate.

Front windscreen is higher grade with builtin IR cut (not your normal UV cut glass), so already helps reduces heat without solar film.

Individual armrests for front passenger and driver

Pull out tray for storage under the front passenger seat

One hand action to push 2nd row chair forward, there is a big handle at side of the chair (see picture below) that u just twist and pull the whole chair forward, to let 3rd row passengers in or out easily. The sliding door really makes it very easy for 3rd row pax to get on or off, I will not go for swing out doors for MPVs again after this experience.

One touch auto window for driver and passenger side

Left/right signal lights on the left/right side mirrors.

That's about it.

Since Sienta is a JDM model that u can only order tru PI, u can also go for more options (more $) like 4WD, auto door on both sides, side airbags, fog lamps, bodykits, etc.

Regarding the 3rd row seats for full sized adults, let me just give real life examples of my own car. 

Example 1, my friend (the tallest to be in my car) is 1.81M tall, and he sits in the 3rdrow of Sienta once (actually I purposely put him there to make fun of his height, haha), and he finds the height and leg space adaquate and comfortable enough (I asked him after the ride).

Example 2. I am driver 1.7m, I sit confortably in driver seat, not close to the wheel at all (means I can actually move more towards the wheel if I want to), my friend is 1.78m guy and he sits directly behind me in second row, and one more friend is also 1.78m and he sits on 3rd row directly behind the 2nd row 1.78m guy. All are comfotably seated with enuf head and leg space (I asked them after the ride). So that is 1.7m+1.78m+1.78m.

How is this possible? Just look at the shape of the car, and look at the height of the seats, and u will understand. Think passenger van.

2nd and 3rd row seats are higher then the 1st row. And because seats are high, your legs are bent at a 90 degree, and your tigh is fully supported and rested on the seat cushion. And because of that 90degree angle, your legs do not need to extend or stretch out in front much to get comfortable, so space is fully utilised. Also the high ceiling means your head won't touch the ceiling.



Besides the X and G, there is also a XS edition of Sienta, which is the X edition with bodykit, fog lights, black interior, and chrome handles. Pricing of XS is between X and G.

 The meters are in the center of the dash, like Vios. Below the meter is the HU, below the HU are the (1)digital meter showing outside air temperature (2)controls for A/c and the (3) autogear stick. For 6 yrs I drove cars where meters are behind the wheel, but when i start to drive Sienta, I actually did not notice any diff or feel weird when the meters r at the center.

Shows the 7 seats. U can see the last row are 2 single seats. This is because the 2 singles seats can be folded and stored under the 2nd row seats.

1st row seats can link with 2nd row seats to become a bed.  

2nd row seats can slide forward or backwards, and if u look closely, the seat cushion can fold upwards to make space for storage of tall objects, eg, u buy a potted plant. In the pic, what u c at 2nd row is the further seat have a blue child seat attached on it, while the closer seat the cushion is folded up, with a folded pram being secured to the seat via the seat belts (seat belts are handy for securing stuff)

2nd row seats link with 3rd row seats to become a bed.  

3rd row seats folded under the 2nd row seats (u can't see them, cause is hidden under), so now that space for 3rd row becomes a super big boot.

This angle shows how 3rd row seats are folded under the 2nd row seats (u can now see the 3rd row seats under the 2nd row seats), space for 3rd row becomes huge boot.

All seats up, lots of leg room for everyone. Small boot space with all 7 seats up How we let folks access the 3rd row, just slide the 2nd row chair to the front. 2nd row seats can slide 520mm, which is more than many mini or compact MPVs in the market today.

This is the maximum storage space u can get, with 3rd row folded to the floor and 2nd row folded and pushed forward  

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